Mk I / Boxster Ball Cap

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Time to step out in style with a 996 Mk II ball cap.

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  • One size fits all

We are collecting orders. We want to ship your items as expeditiously as possible, while still saving you costs. Some items, like mugs, are ready to ship.  Other items, like T-Shirts, we will collect orders. Production begins every 30 days or when a minimum print run (48 for hats) is accumulated. Typical production time is two weeks. Shipping will happen as soon as a production run is completed.  Should you order a ready to ship item and a print run item, we will wait and ship both items together, saving you shipping costs. If you want us to ship one item in advance PLEASE PLACE 2 SEPARATE ORDERS.  Thank you in advance for your patience while we get your order ready.

NOTE: The photo of the grey cap shows slight pattern.  The actual hat has little to no visible pattern.