About Us

Background - I had just finished washing and detailing my car when I dropped a towel.  Kneeling at ground level, I found myself nose to bumper with my a face I had not seen before. 

I sat back and looked and the gleaming headlights contrasting with the black air intakes.  That's when I saw it. A face staring back me.  From some angles it looked happy, others ghostly.  I suddenly felt inspired to capture the image and share it with other 996 fans.

I hope you find your 996's smile and enjoy sharing it with other car fans.

Future Items - One step at a time.  We are fans of Turbos and NA cars.  Based on the success of our round one offerings, we plan on launching similar products for 996 NA cars.

Have an idea for a new or different product?  Let us know!  Send us a message on our contact us page.