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Show Your 996 Pride

Ghost Light

During an early morning drive to breakfast, while the cold fog had yet to lift, I spied the eerie lights of a storage building. It's glowing purple-white lights set the mood more for Ichabod Crane's Headless Horseman to come riding out of the shadows then for security. I moved in for a quick picture of The Ghost and then exited before the glowing eyes of a pumpkin could appear.

Summer Shadows

While driving The Ghost on a deserted back farm-road, the trees created tunnels and shadows even in the afternoon sunlight. Something said to stop, but I drove on.

Santa's Sleigh

And what to my wondering eye should appear? A 996 Turbo all a twinkle with good cheer. Santa said, at speed, the lights were good up to, well, ... the posted speed limit.