Summer Shadows on a 996

With the sun comes shadows. While driving The Ghost on a deserted back farm-road, the trees created tunnels and shadows even in the afternoon sunlight. I was cruising down a lonely road from childhood.  One that I had bicycled on in years past. Everything had changed with the passing of time.  The trees were bigger and stronger.  The road was crumbling and weaker.  Something said to stop. I parked and walked around, looking at past memories.  I stopped.  The old single lane farm bridge had said goodbye to this world. In its place was... nothing.  It looked like there was not, nor would there ever be, an attempt to replace it. The remnants of wood-rotten timbers lay deep in the creek bed below.  It was sad to see the destructive forces of time and their impact on my memories. The shadow's were lengthening.  It was time to head home, home to the now, and a warm hug from my kids.

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