Dogs Don't Have Snooze Buttons

996 Turbo Sunrise

Bentley, my runt-rescue, normally wakes me up around 6:00 AM. Today it was 5:00 AM. Ugh...

I tried to act like I was still asleep, but his whining told me he needed to go out. I stumbled out of bed and headed to the back door. Yup, he had to go. Now I’m up and wide awake. Standing at my rear window, I watched the dark night’s hues fade to baby blues. The sun was coming up. If I left soon, I could go for a short twisty back roads drive before meeting the guys for Porsche breakfast. I whistled for Bentley, as if mentally telling him to hurry up.

Moments later, my Porsche barked to life, disturbing my slumbering neighbors, I’m sure. Rolling out my neighborhood to the road less traveled, I stopped. In front of me was the reason everyone should get up early, the sunrise. I parked my car and snapped THIS picture. I was alone on the road. No birds. No wind. No other cars. Just me.

I slowly walked back to my car, enjoying my private moment. Once in I closed the door, smiled, rolled my windows down, selected a 1st gear – and punched it.

Thank you Bentley, for getting me up early.

- Stan


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