An Errand Run Adventure in a 996

"Honey.  We are out of milk again." came the voice from the kitchen. "I'm on it", I hollered back while reaching for my keys.

Seconds later the garage door was slowing rising to reveal the glowing tail lights of my 996TT, known as The Ghost.  A twist of the key and The Ghost came to life. The noise is as if it's angry that I have not driven it in the last few days, but it soon settles into a let's-get-started grumble.  Selecting reverse I roll out and into the night.

Black. The night sky seems darker than normal.  An inky black that is not letting the lights of the stars escape their home in the night time sky.  The lack of color seems perfectly matched to the cold winter air that surrounds me. Turbo's like a chill in the air.

I turn left, heading down the hill and out of the safety of the neighborhood.  I'm soon in the woods.  The trees seem to reach for each other making a dark tunnel overhead.  My headlights illuminate the road road in front of me.  The pathway of light is my only escape from the long reaching branches.

A right takes me to a set of rolling hills, requiring extra attention as deer are know to suddenly leap from nowhere.  Tonight is no different.  I spy glowing eyes watching me as I crest the hill.  They run into the brush frightened by The Ghost's sudden appearance and menacing growl from the exhaust.

Civilization lies ahead. Street lights stand tall like lonely branchless trees in the parking lot, revealing less civilization then I thought.  An empty parking lot, void of color and people greeted me. I hurried into get the milk.

Starting the car to head home I wondered, was milk the only thing she needed?  If not, that will be another adventure.




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